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Windows Firewall Connection Problems

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Microsoft’s Windows operating system includes integrated firewall software that can stop hackers and malicious software from accessing your computer when you go online. Sometimes the firewall prevents legitimate applications from connecting to the Internet. If some programs experience firewall connection problems, troubleshoot the issue by tweaking the firewall’s settings.

About the Windows Firewall


·         The firewall feature in Microsoft Windows acts as barrier between your computer and the Internet, allowing only trusted programs on your computer to go online and communicate with the Internet. The firewall also blocks unrecognized, external online services from connecting to the data on your computer, thwarting attempts by hackers to hijack your computer or access your personal data.


Firewall Permissions


·         The firewall automatically authorizes many of the standard applications on your computer to access the Internet. For other programs and third-party applications that you download and install, the firewall prompts you to authorize the application when you first try to use it. The firewall connection problem occurs when a legitimate program or application that you haven’t authorized tries to access the Internet from your computer. Because the program isn’t approved, the firewall automatically blocks the connection.


Troubleshooting: Access Firewall Settings


·         Windows lets you configure the firewall to approve access for applications experiencing connection problems. To let a program through the firewall, select the “Control Panel” feature from the computer’s Start menu. Type “firewall” into the system search field at the bottom of the Start menu. Click “Windows Firewall” in the Control Panel section of the search results.


Troubleshooting: Configure Firewall Settings


·         Accessing the Windows Firewall opens the firewall settings dialog in a new window. In the left-hand pane, click the “Allow a Program or Feature Through Windows Firewall” option. Click the “Change Settings” button with security shield logo. Before making changes, you may need to enter your Windows login password into the applicable input box. Windows Firewall displays a list of applications and programs in the main pane where you can select the program or application that you want to allow through the firewall. Save the changes and when you launch the program again, it should be able to go online normally.

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