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Administrative Tools to Disable in Windows

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  Ensuring that a computer is secure requires more than simply dealing with viruses and outside traffic that may compromise your data. You must provide the proper permissions to people who use the computer on a daily basis. Administrative tools can alter the way a computer runs and the way users interact with computer software and hardware. You may wish to restrict unqualified users from accessing these tools.   




·         Windows provides administrative tools that allow the computer or network administrator to troubleshoot, configure and change how the computer’s software and operating system works. Examples of administrative tools are the Windows services, printer management, the system configuration and Windows firewall and security settings. Making changes to the computer using these tools can result in fixing issues or increasing security, but can also cause issues if altered incorrectly.




·         Administrative tools control important computer settings and functions, and you will have instances when you do not want all users to have access to them. In a business network environment, or in a situation where children or several public users utilize a computer, only a qualified administrator should be able to install software or make changes to the operating system. This increases the computer’s security, prevents malware and unwanted programs from being introduced to a network and prevents changes that may cause the computer to respond poorly or crash completely.


Standard User Account


·         To disable administrative tools for normal users, create a second user profile on the computer that does not have administrator access. This prevents users from installing new programs and accessing areas of the computer that might have harmful results. Log in to the computer with the administrator account, launch the Start menu and type “User Accounts” in the text box. Click the “Manage Another Account” link and “Create a New Account.” When creating this user profile, ensure the profile is set as a Standard User, which disables the user’s access to administrative tools.


Accessing Tools


·         When you want to change something on the computer using the administrative tools, you must first log in to the computer using the administrator account instead of the standard user account. Once you have logged in, launch the Start menu and type “Administrative Tools” into the search box. Click the “Administrative Tools” link from the search results to launch the new window with a list of tools you can choose from. You can also navigate to the Control Panel and click "Administrative Tools" within the Control Panel window.



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