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How to Externally Transfer Files From an Old PC to a New?

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Windows Easy Transfer simplifies the transition from one computer to another. The application locates all of the personal files and settings stored to your PC and condenses them into a single file to be exported to another location. After moving the data to an external drive, run Windows Easy Transfer on your new computer. The program imports, or unpacks, the file and copies all of your information to the appropriate libraries.



1.       Press "Windows-Q" to open Search, type "Easy Transfer" and then select "Windows Easy Transfer" from the results.


2.      Enter your administrative password or click "Yes," if prompted, to continue. Click "Next" on the welcome screen.


3.      Connect an external hard drive to the computer, click "Take No Action" from the AutoPlay dialog box, if prompted, and then click "An External Hard Disk or USB Flash Drive."


4.      Click "This Is My Old PC." Select the data to transfer and then click "Next."


5.      Enter a password to secure your data, or leave the fields blank, and then click "Save."


6.      Select a folder on the drive to store the data to and then click "Save" to begin copying the files to your external drive.


7.      Click "Next" and then "Close" to exit the wizard. Disconnect the drive and connect it to the new PC.


8.      Open Windows Easy Transfer, click "Next" and then click "Yes." Browse to the folder containing the file to import.


9.      Click "Open." Enter the password you created in Step 5 and then click "Next" to unlock the data, if applicable.


10.   Choose the data to import and then click "Transfer" to move the files to your new computer.


11.    Select "See What Was Transferred" or "See a List of Apps You Might Want to Install on Your PC," if preferred, or click "Close."


Tips & Warnings


·         To open Windows Easy Transfer in Windows 7, click "Start," type "transfer" into search and then click "Windows Easy Transfer."


·         If you're transferring data from Windows 7 to Windows 8, click "Customize" when selecting the data to transfer and then uncheck "Windows Settings."


·         Information in this article applies to Windows 8. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.





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