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Troubleshooting Damaged Laptop Speakers

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The reasons laptop speakers cease functioning can be varied. It may, for example, be the result of a hardware problem, a software problem or user error. If you can determine the cause or nature of the problem, you may be able to fix the issue or bypass the problem altogether by using headphones or external speakers. Identifying the nature of the problem through troubleshooting will likely allow you to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and repair bills.




1.     Turn up the volume level on your computer software and ensure that the computer's audio is not muted. Adjust the volume by clicking the speaker icon on your keyboard, desktop task bar or audio menu.


2.     Open the computer's control panel menu and view the audio, sound and multimedia settings. Ensure that the audio is enabled on the laptop's speakers and restore all settings to default.


3.     Play audio via a different application to determine if the problem is limited to a specific software program or application. If you encountered audio problems while you were playing music via iTunes, for example, attempt to play a video or listen to a CD instead. If the speakers work for other applications, the issue is likely limited to the application where you experienced problems. Check the affected program's audio settings or reinstall the software.


4.     Attach external speakers or headphones and attempt to play an audio track. If you hear sound via another device, this suggests that the actual speakers are damaged. If you do not hear sound, this is indicative of a problem with the sound card or related software.

Tips & Warnings


·         In the event that you are using external speakers, verify that the speakers are plugged in and receiving power. Refer to the speaker's wiring diagram to verify that they're plugged in properly. Most external speakers have a small light that will be illuminated when the speakers are receiving power. Turn the volume dial clockwise on external speakers; this ensures that the volume is turned up on the hardware.


·         If crackling or distortion has been observed recently, it's likely that the speaker's hardware is damaged. In the event, the speakers will need to be replaced.


·         If the speakers stopped working immediately following the installation of new software, it's possible that the installation process altered the computer's audio settings.

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