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Outlook mail inoperative


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<p>I have 365 Free. I believe it is the cause of my mail being frozen on what looks to be a precursor page. This is the second time since it did it a week ago ( I did get it to work doing Restore or reset then ) but now no matter what I do- system restore or undo registry clean it does not open. Nor do I have the Apps menu in Google News to get to my Gmail acct. though I can access that acct. via the search engine. I also see that my Norton toolbar asks me to create an acct. when I already have one - not allowing password. Norton still works and does not show any Trojans or virus'. I restarted Firefox with the add ons disabled and still the mail is frozen on that page when I open outlook. I will rest Firefox next but I think Wise has corrupted or removed too much!<br />

What can I do now?<br />

post-24051-0-36437600-1394930596_thumb.jpg<br />

Well, well, well. I did the Firefox reset and everything came back normally. I see now, that upon doing any Pc optimization in Wise 365 free I will have to reset Firefox each time. This is not good. Any other info would be appreciated before I uninstall Wise Care 365 Free.</p>

<p> It is curious to see just one related email glitch on this board but I stand on my assertion that 365 caused my mails to malfunction. I note no replies out of 33 so far. ????</p>

<p> </p>

<p>I uninstalled it and put in CCleaner. No problems.</p>

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