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Previously hidden folder reappears after being deleted

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While I was trying out Folder Hider I created a temporary folder to use as a "tester". When I no longer needed that folder I deleted it, but it keeps returning. I've tried deleting it and immediately emptying the Recycle Bin, and I've tried using another program to shred it but it keeps reappearing. A search of Windows forums shows that others are having the same problem and the apparent cause is that the program that used the folder, in this case Folder Hider, expects to find it and when it doesn't, it creates it. One solution which did work for some was to delete the folder from the program's recent files list, but Folder Hider doesn't have a recent files list. The only way I can see that I can delete this folder forever is to uninstall Folder Hider unless someone has another solution.

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I think (hope) I've solved this. Since no one else in this forum appears to have had this problem I thought it might not have anything to do with Folder Hider. When I created the test folder I put a couple of dummy text files in it, and when I'd finished with it I deleted those files. Somehow, and I know I didn't do this, but somehow the "My Videos" folder had taken up residence in the dummy folder. This is a windows library file, so when I deleted the folder containing it, Windows recreated it and kindly put it back in the folder where it came from - my previously deleted dummy folder. I've now moved the My Videos folder back to where it belongs under my user files and then deleted the now empty dummy folder. Time will tell if that solves the problem.

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