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  1. I think (hope) I've solved this. Since no one else in this forum appears to have had this problem I thought it might not have anything to do with Folder Hider. When I created the test folder I put a couple of dummy text files in it, and when I'd finished with it I deleted those files. Somehow, and I know I didn't do this, but somehow the "My Videos" folder had taken up residence in the dummy folder. This is a windows library file, so when I deleted the folder containing it, Windows recreated it and kindly put it back in the folder where it came from - my previously deleted dummy folder. I've now moved the My Videos folder back to where it belongs under my user files and then deleted the now empty dummy folder. Time will tell if that solves the problem.
  2. The rogue folder has reappeared so I've started a new thread for that problem.
  3. While I was trying out Folder Hider I created a temporary folder to use as a "tester". When I no longer needed that folder I deleted it, but it keeps returning. I've tried deleting it and immediately emptying the Recycle Bin, and I've tried using another program to shred it but it keeps reappearing. A search of Windows forums shows that others are having the same problem and the apparent cause is that the program that used the folder, in this case Folder Hider, expects to find it and when it doesn't, it creates it. One solution which did work for some was to delete the folder from the program's recent files list, but Folder Hider doesn't have a recent files list. The only way I can see that I can delete this folder forever is to uninstall Folder Hider unless someone has another solution.
  4. It gets stranger. The "ghost" folder returned again today and after several attempts to delete it again the little lock appeared on the folder icon. I didn't put it there. I was unable to delete it through Windows Explorer because it said I needed permission - from me! I'm the only user of the PC, so I'm the administrator as well as a user. After trying to work out how to give myself permission I eventually changed the ownership of the folder to me as administrator (previously the owner was "me-machine name-me". I don't know where that came from, although I did notice some odd things like that happening when I was trialling Folder Hider. Anyway once I'd changed the ownership to me as administrator the locked icon changed back to a normal folder icon and I was able to delete the folder. So far it hasn't returned. To answer your other questions, no it didn't appear in Folder Hider, nor did it appear in WDR and regarding the file that disappeared altogether, still no sign of it but I took the precaution of making temporary copies of all of the files I intended to hide on a USB stick while I satisfied myself that Folder Hider was well behaved so I've been able to restore it from there. I've since tried to duplicate that loss with a dummy file - applying a password to a visible file in the Folder Hider window but it simply locked the file. It didn't disappear. So, at this point in time everything is as it should be but it its been a bit unnerving to have had these problems with a program designed to protect sensitive files and data.
  5. Thanks. I'm not too worried about the drag and drop problem because its just as easy to right click in Explorer and send the file or folder straight to Folder Hide. I've also been able to hide the folder that was refusing to be hidden. I forget now how I did that. I have had two other problems. While learning how Folder Hide worked I created a temporary folder with some dummy files in it since I didn't want to risk losing real files. I don't need that folder anymore and I've deleted it but it keeps returning. I tried deleting it and then emptying the recycle bin but it still comes back. I've used a delete program to shred it, but it still reappears. How can I remove this folder? I can see it in WDR but there is no delete option. The second problem is a file that has completely disappeared. Its the subject of another post in this forum.
  6. I've just installed Folder Hider and already a file has completely disappeared. I downloaded the WDR file as suggested but when I unpack it and run it it says it can't open the language file and please reinstall. If I can't open WDR how can I retrieve my missing file? Edited ..... after 4 or 5 attempts I finally managed to run the WDR file but the missing file does not appear in the "hide" folder. Where has it gone? Perhaps I did something wrong. I had opened the file so it was showing as "visible" in the Folder Hider window and I clicked on "password" to lock it, and that's when it simply disappeared. If you shouldn't try to add a password to a visible file, perhaps the program should prevent you from doing this. Can I get my file back?
  7. I've just installed Wise Folder Hider onto my Windows 8.1 machine and my Windows 7 machine. Neither of them will allow me to drag and drop files into the blank area of the Folder Hider window. Also, although I could manually select the folder I wanted to hide on both machines, the Windows 7 machine has suddenly refused to accept the folder and it opens an error window that says "Can't hide the folder. Error message:" but there is no error message. I've closed and re-opened the program and even re-booted but it still won't accept the folder. The program version is 2.01.82.
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