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Tips:MS-DOS Autocomplete in Microsoft Windows 2000 and Above Tag, MS-DOS

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Hi there,



If you want to activate Autocomplete in Windows 2000 and later versions, please follow the below steps.



1.      Open the Microsoft Windows registry editor by clicking Start, Run, type Regedit and click OK.


2.      In the  Microsoft Windows registry editor  open the below folders.

Command Processor


3.      In the command processor open the below two registry keys and change their value to 9.



4.      Once the above steps have been completed close out of the registry editor and open the command window by typing cmd in the Run window. To use the auto complete feature press the tab key any type you wish to complete a directory. For example, if the directory you are currently in contains the "Program files" directory you could type "cd pr" and press tab, to have the auto completion option automatically type "cd "program files"".



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