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Need How To lock USB Ports to avoid intruder USB Hack

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Wise folder hider helps me keep the privacy of my laptop from an intruder that used a USB Stick to hack my private and personal data.

I will like if anyone can help with How to Lock the USB Ports from Unkown USB Stick Hack Attacks.

I noticed that my laptop asked for bootable USB Stick which I do not have and do not use.

This happened a day after  a nephew got into our home and got some of our documents.

I examined the boot record and found a file that I killed using a program named File Assasin.

Later I caught a conversation with this guy and he was commenting on the missing file on one of "His" computers.

I will like to see if I can use Wise Folder Hider to Hide the USB Ports.

Is it possible? :ph34r: 

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I will like to see if I can use Wise Folder Hider to Hide the USB Ports.


No, it is not intended for such use. Moreover, since your hack attempts appear to be physically present onsite, you may want to start by password protecting you computer at the BIOS entry level. That way, if someone plugs in a USB stick, they won't be able to use it! Moreover, since your computer has already been compromised by a known hack from your nephew, I would recommend you do a complete malware scan to make sure you are clean because the young ones have no fear and they will take the bait for any download. Good luck.

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