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Fenêtre s'afichant au demarage de windows vista




Operating system:Windows Vista Home Premium (32 bit) Service Pack 2

System root: C:\Windows

Available physical memory: 2042 MB

CPU: Intel® Core2 Duo CPU T5870 @ 2.00GHz

Drive Info:

C: 465,76 GB

G: 298,01 GB

Internet Explorer: 9.0

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Translated: defaulttabsearch.exe: Window to afichant demarage windows vista


Hello lafouzz,


Unfortunately, I do not understand your brief description. Also, I (personally) know nothing about that executable; however, my research indicates it could be either an unwanted PUP w/adware or bloatware that came with your PC (from the manufacturer). So, it may or may not be malware. Moreover, some references indicate it leaves the registry damaged (if an unwanted PUP w/adware) so just removing it might not fix your issue. My advice is to either wait for someone else to respond or go here for guided assistance:


Am I Infected? What Do I Do?



Good luck with your issue,



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