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Created a template workbook in Excel 2007. One worksheet is used for entering information, another worksheet extracts information from the entry worksheet and creates a report. The workbook seemed to be working fine, but recently all formulas stopped working and no information was being sent to the report worksheet. Had to select each formula in entire workbook, select again when formula appeared in formula bar, and press enter to reactivate each formula-a few formulas I was unable to reactivate. What could be causing this breakdown in the workbook?

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First, let me commend you on the presentation of your issue! It is well thought out, understandable, and right to the point; however, I cannot personally help you because your knowledge of Excel is well beyond my means. So, you can either wait for someone else to respond or get busy and post your issue elsewhere for a much quicker resolution IMHO.


With that said, I encourage you to join the MrExcel.com forum and post your issue there:



Now, if you decide to post there, I would also include my OS information as well.



Good luck in getting your issue resolved,



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