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unable to access Help & Support in W7

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Too soon to say if the problem (see below) has been fixed - PLEASE allow me to return in about 24hrs when I shall have tried out your 'FIX' -


The display screen, when prompting with the ENTER-key, turns opaque white (with program details faintly showing through) and nothing will happen for 1 - 2 mins i.e no curser movements and/or keyboard action is possible. This can happen several times within 1hr and continous less frequently when 'working' at my PC whether it be Windows7 Live Mail, Solitaire, browsing, writing/typing e-mails, letters.




Operating system:Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) Service Pack 1

System root: C:\Windows

Available physical memory: 3071 MB

CPU: Intel® Atom CPU 330 @ 1.60GHz

Drive Info:

C: 142.45 GB

D: 142.54 GB

Internet Explorer: 10.0

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