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1. How to change the shown temperature unit between “C”(Celsius) and “F” (Fahrenheit)on Bootup Booster


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In order to facilitate users from different countries all over the world, we supply the transfer temperature unit service.


Please do as the following instructions below to transfer “C” / “F” if it is necessary.


a.     Right “Wise Care 365” icon

b.    Click “Open file location ”

c.     Open the folder named “languages”

d.     Open the file named”English.ini”

e.     Press “Ctrl+F”

f.       Input “weather” and mark “Direction” with “Up” or ”Down”

g.     Find out “Weathertag”=F”

h.    Change “F” to “c”(must be lowercase letter c, not C)

i.       It won’t be changed until your next reboot

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