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Windows Automatic Update loading problem

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Hi Please follow the steps below:


I. Please download and run the "System Update Readiness Tool" below:




If the System Update Readiness Tool doesn't correct the problem, you'll need to repair Windows. Repairing Windows won't damage your personal files or the programs that are installed on your computer.

Once you finish the repair, you'll need to rerun Windows Update to install any updates aren't included on the installation DVD. To repair Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Close all programs, and then restart your computer.

  2. Insert the Windows DVD into the computer's disk drive. Wait for Setup to start. If Setup doesn't start automatically, follow these steps:

    1. Click Start, and then type Drive:\setup.exe in the search box, where Drive is the letter of your computer's DVD drive (for example, D:\setup.exe).

    2. In the Programs list, click Setup.exe.

  3. Click Install Now.

  4. Click Go online to obtain the latest updates for installation (recommended).

  5. If you are asked for it, type the Windows Product key.

  6. In the Which kind of installation do you want? window, click Upgrade.

  7. When the installation is complete, restart your computer, and then run Windows Update.

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