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Temporary profile

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Sometimes when logging on to my Windows 7 home PC it loads a temporary profile as opposed to my normal profile. Why? and how can I prevent this?





Operating system:Windows 7 Starter (32 bit) Service Pack 1

System root: C:\Windows

Available physical memory: 2048 MB

CPU: Intel® Xeon CPU 2.80GHz

Drive Info:

C: 111.81 GB

D: 232.34 GB

Internet Explorer: 11.0

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Have you tried system restore? 
First get yourself into the safe mode on windows.. turn on or restart your PC.
Just before the Windows 7 logo screen "starting windows" appears, press the F8 key to enter Advanced Boot Options..
Choose "safe mode"

If your harddisk C drive is full or near full.. you may want to transfer some of the files out or delete the unnecessary ones.. to allow more room for windows to function..

Once you enter windows in its safe mode, run the system restore, either:
1. Open the Start Menu, type rstrui.exe in the search box, and press Enter.
2. Open the Start Menu and Click on All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, andSystem Restore
3. Open the control panel and click on 'Restore'

Click on system restore button.. follow the instructions there.. if it ask you to undo or to choose a different point (I assume this will appear if you mess a lot with windows registry).. simply select "choose a different point to restore" and click "next"..

If you have done backups before (sometimes windows do that automatically unless you have switched them off or deleted the back up files) few dates will pop up.. you simply choose a date that is long before your problem has started like last month or last year..

Next next next.. finally the windows will ask you to restart your PC.. if the system ask you to choose between Normal and Safe mode.. choose normal mode..
If is successful, run antivirus, scan disk and defragment..

If the above doesn't work.. I have two theories:

First (the virus theory), it happened to me twice that my windows ME stopped working and the system restore didn't work at all.. I was only allowed into the safe mode (which I think you call it temporary profile)..
Pretty much at this stage, the windows is a dying body with pus and worms coming out from every orifice..
So I had to transfer my important files like photos and videos to another external hard disk.. I know 60GB is a lot.. but so is losing all of it..

Second (hard disk problem theory).. your regular magnetic hard disk has a life expectancy between 5 to10 years.. CDs and DVDs has similar expectancy.. that is why multiple backups is a good idea..
Sometimes, some areas of your hard disk get corrupted, like deep holes in the middle of the road.. and those areas that carry the vital irreplaceable data..

In either two scenario, backup your important files in external hard disk.. insert windows 7 CD and run the CD.. try the "repair windows" option.. if doesn't work, format and reinstall windows..

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