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my acer laptop win7 x 64bit , vipre anti virus, (a paid for version) and in my opinion a great product, I/E 10.


i download say mozilla firefox ok , i use it once close it down and it has disappeared, keyscrambler.com, same thing, adobe flash player same thing, but with google chrome flash is ok .

i use comodo dragon browser, i have disable vipre when downloading adobe but it still disappears after i use it once, any help will be appreciated, regards don rees


i have some software which is nearly ready for sale now ( gambling related ) if i sell any i will upgrade my free 365 reg cleaner etc to a paid for version , i like your programs.


i am not sure of my log in details, because yours is a free program i have not saved them , also my email address, maybe , donar@ westnet.com.au, [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected]

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