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Defrag sys drive


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Don't worry about it.

How does Wise Care 365 (Wise Disk Cleaner) to defrag disk?

1, When you click Defragment button, firstly it will get disk info from system.

2, If it is a SSD disk, Wise care 365 will cancel defragment operation.

3, If it is a non ssd disk, wise care 365 will analyze disk fragments then defrag it.


So, you don't need to do anything. If you find wise care 365 defrag your SSD disk, click Stop to stop the process immediately. Then tell us your SSD type to help us to improve Wise Care 365.

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I'm sorry, but wise care 365 insist on defragment of the sys drive is needed and says manuel repair. And when I click on "manuel defrag" it simply begins to defrag the drive.

I have stopped it, but the next time I run wise care 365 it insists yet again.

My drive is a:OCZ-Vertex plus 2 240 GB


Best regards

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