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I downloaded Wise Care 365 a few days ago and love the program but have one problem. I have Windows XP on my computer and ever since Wise Care was installed my password is disabled. In the past when my computer went to screen saver mode and I tried to get back in I had to put my password and now when I get back in it just goes directly to my desktop. I don't like this becuase I have small children in my home who also use this computer. How can I fix it to be the way it was before?


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When I reboot it's fine, I have to put my password as usual. It's once I'm already logged in that my computer no longer asks me for my password. I tried "On resume, password protect" but all that does is lock the computer completely. I have to put my password in from my desktop screen and log out in order for my daughter to go on. In the past if my computer went into screensaver mode and I moved my mouse it would go back to main screen with a list of all users like when when I first boot-up now when I move mouse it just goes back to the desktop. I never had to use on resume, password protect before because my computer automatically when back to main screen where I could put my password from there or my daughter could log into her account from that same screen.

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