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Wise Folder Hider


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I cannot find my files. Here is how I did it.


1. Open Folder Hider
2. Hide Files
3. Unhide files
4. Folder is there but files inside folder is gone
5. Please help me find my files


I dont know what happened but my files are still hidden after I unhidden it. How do I make my files visible again???


My wise folder hider shows up empty but my files still hidden :(



I use Windows 7


Edit: Problem Solved. I used Recuva to recover my hidden files. You guys needs to fix this bug with Wise Folder Hider.

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i am pesian.i cant speak english.sorry for this.

I had a computer with two hard boot. Based on Windows 7, there was one of them. I installed the software, but after a short time I got a secret file on another hard drive disappeared from Windows and software installation of the fuel. The other drive I have Windows XP, but the files on the hard mask to return What was not done?



من كامپيوتري داشتم كه داراي دو هارد بود.بر روي يكي از آنها ويندوز 7 وجود داشت. من با نرم افزاري كه  نصب شده بود فايلي را در هارد ديگر مخفي كردم ولي پس ازمدتي هاردي كه ويندوز و نرم افزار نصب بود سوخت واز بين رفت .الان روي هارد ديگر ويندوز ايكس پي موجود است ولي قادر به برگرداندن فايلهايي كه روي اين هارد مخفي شده بود نيستم چاره چيست ؟


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Simpler explanation
I have two hard drives on my computer.On the first hard drive, Windows 7 and your software was installed,And the second HDD, Windows XP was installed. There was a secret folder.I've hidden folder on a second hard drive with the software of  first hard.

Now, the first hard drive has been destroyed & I install your software on the hard drive 2.But I am not able to restore encrypted files. But I am not able to restore encrypted files, not with your software, not with software DataRecovery For WFH.What's the solution?

What should I do?










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