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the software cannot display the page

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the software cannot display the page why?this software is not working




Operating system:Microsoft Windows XP (32 bit) Service Pack 3

System root: C:\WINDOWS

Available physical memory: 511 MB

CPU: Intel® Pentium® M processor 1400MHz

Drive Info:

C: 3.03 GB

D: 15.60 GB

Internet Explorer: 8.0

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If you only can't open this site, I think that it's not your problem, may be the website is encountering problems.

If you can't open all sites. Please try other browser, if all of browser can't open any sites. I think your DNS dos not work, you should to repair your DNS settings by manual, about how to set DNS, please read this tip. http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/172-how-to-setup-dns-server-with-example-of-google-dns-setup/

If only IE can't open any sites, I suggestion you fix IE with Wise PC 1stAid or re-install your IE. 

If you want to re-install your IE, please follow the following steps.

1. Start - Control panel - Add/Remove Programs - Open/disable Windows functions.

2. Uncheck "Internet Exploer 8/9/10" and click "Apply"

3. Reboot your PC.

4. Enable IE again in the same area.

I hope this is helpful for you.

Best regards,

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