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Wise Auto Shutdown


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My suggestions: 


1. closing window makes the program go to background (its great), but closing window with alt+f4 closes program (not great :)).

2. there is no autostart with windows option so I have to use the windows startup

3. there is no option to start program minimized so it starts maximized and i always have to close it (send it to taskbar). To do it faster I use alt+F4 and here we are in problem 1.


I use Wise Auto Shutdown to turn off my PC everyday at 23:00 so i want it to start always with the windows startup, start minimized or even maximized but not to shutdown the program with alt+F4 (alt+F4 should send it also to the taskbar).


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The scheduler is enough poor.

It would be helpful if I could set the timing at least on certain days of the week, month, year and if it can be run specified program before the shutdown and to set the timing of the text reminder.

This part of the free ClocX program (www.clocx.net) for example has much richer functions.

But I like this program and I hope this deficiency will disappear as soon as possible. :)

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I love your software, great work! I am using it since 6 month now and it's my favorite due to it's simplicity and functionality, but I only have two suggestions:

  • It would be great if it had a countdown timer, ex.: I set my PC to shut down in one hour at 22:00, if I check back 20 minutes later the timer should say 40 minutes and 0 seconds remaining.
  • a "Always on top" feature would be great also, it's nice to have a heads up on your remaining time until shutdown.

Thank you, 

 Robin G.

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Добрый день !

Мне тоже нравятся ваши утилиты. Я всё жду :) , когда же появится в  Wise Auto Shutdown функция "Выключения дисплея". А было бы хорошо,если совместить две функции в одном окне утилиты Wise Auto Shutdown. Например, чтобы можно было выключить дисплей через полминуты, а выключить компьютер через час. Возможно ли такое осуществить ?)

С уважением,Александр.

Machine translation:

"Good afternoon!

I too like your utilities. I all wait :)  when there will be in Wise Auto Shutdown a Display Switching Off function. And it would be good if to combine two functions in one window of the utility of Wise Auto Shutdown. For example, that it was possible to switch off the display in half-minute, and to switch off the computer in hour. Whether probably such to realize ? :)
Yours faithfully, Alexander."




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Похоже на то,что русский язык здесь не хотят понимать,машинный перевод тоже не помогает.


translated from Russian
It seems that Russian does not want to understand here, machine translation does not help either.

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