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Wise Register Cleaner crashed my laptop


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Few days ago WRC damaged my laptop - simply stopped (error occurred) during cleaning and - after reset - I've got blue (or rather black) screen - "start Vista safely or normal"  - in normal mode window remain the same, in safe laptop restarts and again I see black window - safe or normal... I tried all tricks with BIOS and repair modes, aint got any cd with vista, just serial number... Old laptop Asus X51 RL


I always thought WRC is a really wise program. Now I have to find someone who is wiser then WRC :(

What is worst I'am afraid of using WRC on other my computers... I always made restore point but I can't run laptop in the mode in which I could use it. 


I'am warning you - dont believe this application is smarter than you, it is not... If you believe you can trust WRC, you should be prepared to buy new PC.



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