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Windows 10 and Web-Stick

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Hello altogether,


I´ve got a question regarding running Windows 10 with a web-stick as internet-connection.


At present I´m using WIN 8.1 update, 64bit and I am very satisfied with it.
The thing is that the time until July 29 poses a question to me. Till then the upgrade to WIN 10 is free of charge.
So I have to think about whether to change over or keep my old system.


As far as internet connection is concerned there might be a problem though.


My internet connection is established via a web-stick exclusively (Aldi Web-Stick Model S 4012, manufacturer: HUAWEI E1550 HSDPA USB Stick).
With this I´ve got a data-volume of 5 GB per month ("high-speed"; after that download speed will be reduced dramatically).
So I have to manage with these conditions and up and until now I get along with it just fine.
But with WIN 10 I´m probably bound to run into problems.


The so-called forced updates are something that don´t appeal to me at all.
There are always some of them under way and I see no possibility of avoiding the respective actions.
Furthermore there´s quite a considerable amount of data transmitted from my computer towards Microsoft.


The real problem is that I cannot set the connection of the web-stick as "metered". That´s only the case with
WIFI-connections and Windows doesn´t recognize the web-stick as WIFI.
It´s (some sort of) modem. Windows Explorer even lists it as a CD-drive, probably due to the fact that it has an in-built
storage function.

And if there´s a big upgrade there may be a download of up to 3 GB.
So Windows draws an incredible amount of data without me having done anything productive with my system!


The only way to avoid this would be to de-activate the respective update-service. But that wouldn´t be wise in the long run.


My question now is:

What do you think about this?
Am I correct in suggesting that WIN 10 together with web-stick-based internet connection is a real no-go?
If yes, then changing over to a Linux distro (probably Ubuntu) would be the better way for me.
There I´ve got more and better ways of deciding whether to update, when to update and which updates to install.

Many thanks in advance for your opinion and/or suggestions.


Rosika  :mellow:

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