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general question concerning dual-boot WIN and ubuntu

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Hello everybody,



As far as the topic of Linux is concerned I have a question of a more general nature.


I´ve got two computers, a PC and a laptop.

The PC is a Lenovo H520e and the laptop is a medion Akoya E6222.

The PC has WIN8.1 Home (64bit) and the laptop has WIN7 (64bit) as operating system.


What I want to do is turn both the PC and the laptop into dual-boot systems.
The second OS should be Linux Ubuntu, preferably 14.04LTS (64bit).

My question now is:


Could there be any danger or risk for the respective hardware when using a Linux-driven
system on a PC/laptop that originally was sold with a pre-installed version of Microsoft´s operating-system?
I mean is Linux alright for existing motherboard,RAM, fans etc?


I just want to be on the safe side before applying any changes.


Thanks a lot in advance.


Rosika   :)

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