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Jet Search support for >2TB externals


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I just installed WJS v2.14 and noticed that it can see and allow searching on a 2TB external drive I have plugged in.


All my external HDD's are SeaGate and hooked up via USB 2.0 or USB 3.0.

I only have 2 external drives that are under 2TB in capacity.

When the 2 drives <2TB are plugged in, WSJ is able to search them.


All drives greater than 2TB are not able to search.


Will there be an update to allow searching larger drives in the future?

Granted, the search time will be longer.

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Dear Sparktank,

Thanks for your feedback.

Wise JetSearch support 3 TB external drives, please see the below screenshot.


The current known issue of Wise JetSearch is if the drive has stored huge files/folders (eg, a 3TB drive, but the free space is less than 1GB), when you use wjs to search something in this drive, Wise JetSearch may stops working.
We are hard working to improve it.


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