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Sound Broken with WiseCare 365


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I was trying to stop processes opening when my computer loaded to make it go faster, and I clicked on the "x" for the things I wanted disabled. I accidentaly canceled the windows audio service and now I can only hear the windows sounds. Nothing in Firefox, nothing in any video game, which is a HUGE problem because I'm a PC Gamer.

I can't restore them because I need be a "Pro" How can I fix this?


8aHPyB8.png <-- No sound mixers.


The only other thing I can think of is PIRATING and restoring.

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Does your OS is xp? If yes, you can see the sound image to fix the sound icon.



You said you can hear the windows sounds, but cannot hear games and videos sounds. I suspect you just disabled a third-party sound service.

1, press Win+R and enter services.msc

2, open wise care 365 -> system tuneup -> startup manager -> records, check out if you have disabled a sound service

3, match the services list to find it

4, right click it and click start


BTW, you can open this page, enter your email to get a free license key.


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