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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I am using Wise Folder Hider. I remember starting password but i forgot second lock pasword. What can i do ?
  2. Fine application. I've used WFH portable for about a week, but it's now experiencing problems soon after I open it. It may not be compatible with my system and system applications - it "freezes" after opening a file, or a video, or starting an application - can't be sure yet. It's not on the system, so I can't use Add/Remove. I would like to research this problem, but in the meantime I wish to safely remove WFH, with all files left safely accessible on the Flash Drive. Does anyone know how to do this with access to all files currently protected by it, assured? Appreciate the assistance. Cheers.
  3. Good Day! I hope you're enjoying a pleasant one. I believe there should be a program setup / settings option for turning off the password prompt when hiding drives, folders, etc... Please implement it in your next release. Enjoy Everything! John B.
  4. Hi I love all your products very much. I just want to give a simple suggestion on Wise Folder Hider. The program is good and effective. But it doesn't ask for the password during uninstalling it. If any other person try to uninstall it accidentally or deliberately it would be good if the program asks for the password before it gets uninstalled. There are other programs that has this option. So it would be good if you try to add this option in your future releases. Thanks And keep rocking !!!Humble Lucifer!!!
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