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  1. Hello Xilolee, Java content is allowed in my browsers. I´m not using any VPN tunnelling processes. My browsers are : BTW: I dont´t know why, but there doesn´t seem to be any Java contol panel to be installed. I thought that this would be some sort of default application. However: I managed to get my radio pages running. I have VMWare player installed on my laptop (workstation 9.0 virtual machine). There I´ve got Linux Ubuntu 12.10 installed. I thought to myself: Why not give it a try. Perhaps this will help. At first however it didn´t work either. Again the message pointing out that java/java-plugin isn´t installed. The next step was to get the required plugin. I learned that in linux-world the correct name was "IcedTea-Web Plugin (using IcedTea-Web 1.3.2 (1.3.2-1 ubuntu". After having installed that one - believe it or not - Java was enabled and waterfall and sound were produced quite adequately. Of course that´s a solution that I´d call second choice because it would be more convenient to open a browser whithout having to make a detour by using a virtual machine but, what really counts, at least there IS a way to get the whole thing going. I´d like to thank very much you, Xilolee, UCanFixit and last but not least David Bailey for taking time, much time, and putting such great effort into helping me to solme my problem. Have a good time and I wish you success with all your acitivity. Also, have a nice weekend. Yours sincerely Rosika
  2. Hello Xilolee, thanks for your input. The above mentioned sites says "yes". I already thought of the possibility of javascript being disabled. As a matter of fact I´ve got Noscript installed on my firefox. But of course I can disable any scriptblocking for any site. So that´s not an obstacle here. It all depends on the possibility to allow java-applets to be executed. As I understand the whole thing it should be a matter of browser-related obstacles. Thanks anyway for your help. Kind regards Rosika
  3. Hello UCanFixIt, sorry that it took quite a while to respond to your latest posting but I wanted to try another thing so that I could tell a little more. First of all I restored the registry which was saved by WISE REGISTRY CLEANER. Thus I hoped that JavaRa could find something to deinstall. And I was right. It found quite a lot of registry-related entries. And also, it worked. It was able to delete all of them. Now I tried to install the latest Java version. But believe it or not, once more the system said Java was already installed... The same problems as always. But now one thing occurred to me. When tying to install the 64bit-version the error message mentioned an installer package by the name of [jre 1.7.0_21.msi] (see attached file). The latest version however is [jre 1.7.0__51.msi]. So I did some research and found the site www.oldapps.com. There I found the above mentioned version [update 21] which is an older version of course. This time I MANAGED to install it. I also verified the successful installation by running jrview, a programme that lists all installed Java versions (see second screenshot). However I believe that this is the 32bit version, which doesn´t matter as I have 32bit-browsers installed (opera, chrome, firefox). Alas my original problem couldn´t be solved at all. When visiting the site www.hackgreensdr.org:8901 it once again says that Java doesn´t seem to be installed or enabled on my computer. Chrome says that Java is out of date and therefore was blocked. Trying to get the newer version (an option provided by chrome) failed - as always (attached files 3 and 4). To sum up, the installed (old) java version cannot be executed and the newer version cannot be installed. But anyway thank you very very much for all the effort of yours. Greetings Rosika
  4. Hi UCanFixIt, thanks again. Not to my knowledge. Certainly there´s no possibility to find out, I guess. I could perform a HIJACK THIS-scan and send you the report. Would that be of any help? The ORACLE JAVA UNINSTALLER TOOL could not find anything about Java, as you suggested. What exactly is that? Whatever I do I really don´t want to install my WIN7 anew. I´d rather let Java go . My system is a laptop: Medion Akoya E6222 Greetings Rosika
  5. Hello UCanFixIt, thanks again for your great effort you are putting into this matter. I did all the things you suggested. First of all I ran MicrosoftFixIt. Obviously it found something to fix although there was no entry of JAVA, SUN or ORACLE. Therefore I switched to PROGRAMMES THAT ARE NOT LISTED. As I said the programme did its best to fix matters (see attached file for results). Alas this couldn´t fix my original problem. Then I ran WISE REGISTRY CLEANER which worked all right. But again no possibility of installing java. Now I tried AutoRuns. That one couldn´t find any entries for JAVA, ORACLE or SUN. It really seems that nothing Java-related is installed on my system. BTW: I rebooted my computer as you recommended. Installed browsers are as follows: 1.) firefox: 27.0.1 (32bit) 2.) Google Chrome: Version 32.0.1700.107 m (32bit) 3.) IE 11: Version 11.0.9600.16518 (64bit) 4.) Opera: Version 19.0.1326.63 (32bit) On a personal note I already feel quite bad for taking up all the time of yours. I appreciate it very much that you put such effort into trying to solve my problem. Now that we´ve done everything humanly possible I´m almost sure that there´s no simple way to install java again. Why on earth the system thinks java already is installed is really beyond me. All FIX/ANALYSIS programmes indicate that no java remnants are left. Anyway thank you again for your dedicated help. Have a nice weekend. Yours sincerely Rosika P.S.: I also included a screenshot of my TEMP-folder
  6. Hi UCanFixIt, Thanks for yor reply. You are correct. Unless I manage to remove the old version I cannot install Java. I used JavaRa as an uninstaller and it seemed to work just fine. On the other side the Java installer "finds" an already installed version of Java. When trying to install the 32bit version the following messages appear: [ translated into English]: 1.) THIS SOFTWARE IS ALREADY INSTALLED ON YOUR COMPUTER. DO YOU WANT TO INSTALL IT AGAIN? When clicking on YES the following message appears: 2.) WINDOWS INSTALLER: THIS ACTION CAN ONLY BE EXECUTED FOR PRODUCTS THAT ARE ALREADY INSTALLED. (originals in attached file). Greetings Rosika
  7. Hi UCanFixIt, Thank you very much for your kind reply. It´s always nice to deal with a nice person over the web. One should always bear in mind that there is another human being at the other end and not a machine. So for me it´s a matter of course to be as polite as possible. I was delighted to receive some personal notes from you. Now to my technical problem: I ran sfc /scannow from an elevated command prompt as you suggested. However no errors could be found (see attached file). If I understand you correctly that would mean that the system is ok and there´s no corruption. Now I´m at my wit´s end. What really bugs me is the fact that java setup says that java is already installed whereas in fact it is not. Nevertheless thanks very much again for all your effort and have a nice weekend. Kind regards Rosika
  8. Hello UCanFixIt, I tried all the things you suggested but everything failed to work. In the meantime I even used a specific java-uninstaller (JavaRa 2.5). With its help I was able to remove even the java registry-entries. However a new installation of java seems not to be possilble at all (see attached file). Neither online installation nor offline installation worked. It seems I have to give up now - at least for the time being. Anyway thank you very much for the great effort of yours; I appreciate it very much. Regards Rosika -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello xilolee, nice to hear from you again. Alas the solution to my problem isn´t as simple as that. I disenabled all my security (firewall and antivirus) in the beginning. It had no effect whatsoever. Thanks anyway for your suggestion. Greetings Rosika --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Hello again, I did all that. Until now successful. Then I tried to install Java from the download link you provided. That however failed (see attached file) and I don´t know why. Greetings Rosika P.S.: My system is malware-free.
  10. Hello UCanFixIt, thank you very much for your fast reply. I am pretty sure that Java is correctly installed on my computer as it appears in the windows list of installed programmes. However I visited the above mentioned site in order to verify my Java version. Alas the verification process couldn´t be carried out (see attached file). I also checked the installed plugins in the browsers (IE). I can safely say that in IE the java plugin is installed and activated. However it says that there is an add-on which couldn´t be executed for this website. P.S.: My system: WIN7 Home Premium, SP1 Greetings Rosika
  11. Hello forum-members, I´ve got a problem and I wonder if anybody might be able to help me. I´d very much like to tune into shortwave radio stations via the internet. There is a variety of sites that allow me to do so (they can be found here: www.websdr.org). However in order to produce sound (and the waterfall image) java has to be installed and working. The matter of fact is that java is installed on my computer and all of my browsers should be able to make use of java as well. I´ve got several browsers installed (firefox, IE, opera, chrome) but neither of these seems to be able to cope with the demands. There´s always a text that says: "It seems Java is not installed or disabled on your computer". Now I don´t know what to do. Can anybody help me? Many thanks in advance Rosika
  12. Hi Xilolee! Thanks again for your reply. In the meantime I managed to get a reply from avast. They sent me a link with the help of which I was able to reset my password. The problem NOW is that with the help of my new password I have access to the support center but NOT to my personal account. I´ve tried the link you posted for that matter. Alas there seems to be no way to gain access to my account by using either the link you posted or by using my avast interface. It´s rather bizarre. Now I´m trying to get in touch with the avast people by using the support center. Thanks again for your help. Greetings Rosika
  13. Hi Xilolee! Thank you very much for your new reply. I took your advice and tried to reach my avast-account with the firewall disabled. But this had no effect either. The matter of fact is that there is no way I can gain access to my account because they seem to think that my passsword is incorrect. On the other side I cannot reset my old password although in theory I should be able to. There seems to be nothing I can do about it. Perhaps I´ll be more lucky if I try to tackle the whole matter with an alternative e-mail address. Anyway, thanks again for your help and have a nice christmas. Greetings Rosika
  14. Hi Xilolee! Thanks for your reply. Yes, I´ve tried several browers. Alas, there was no change to my problem whatsoever. Besides I should be able to gain access to my avast-account directly from my avast-menu. So in theory no browser has to be opened at all. Regards Rosika
  15. Hallo, ich benutze avast 2014 und kann auf mein avast-konto nicht zugreifen. Ich kann keinen neuen account erstellen, es heißt, die e-mail-Adresse ist schon in Verwendung. Wenn ich anklicke, daß ich das Passwort vergessen habe, wird gesagt ich bekomme eine e-mail, aber nichts passsiert. Was soll ich tun? Vielen Dank im voraus Rosika
  16. Hi, Thanks for your response. Well, my system does indeed wake up from standby/hibernate but then within a few minutes the whole thing just freezes and no input whatsoever will be accepted. When I try to shut down the system by pushing the physical on/off-button the screen goes black an then nothing happens anymore. Nothing can be done but disconnecting the whole thing from mains and batteries and then connecting it again. Regards Rosika
  17. System: Laptop, WIN7 Home Premium, SP 1 Problem: Wenn ich den Laptop in Standby oder Ruhezustand versetze, tut er das normal. Beim erneuten Einschalten bleibt er aber nach kurzer Zeit hängen und reagiert auf keine Eingabe mehr. Einziger Ausweg: stromlos machen (Akku raus und wieder rein) und wieder einschalten. Vielen Dank im voraus. Rosika Operating system:Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) Service Pack 1 System root: C:\Windows Available physical memory: 4007 MB CPU: Intel® Pentium® CPU B950 @ 2.10GHz Drive Info: C: 414,66 GB D: 48,00 GB Internet Explorer: 10.0
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