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  1. Thank you very much for replying. I don't often restart my computer, but I'll plan on doing so after running WDC. Regards, BearPup
  2. In the Advance Cleaning section almost always the module ends with the line that 'some files will be removed at the next restart'. My question is this: does it have to be a restart, or will a logoff serve the same purpose?
  3. I have version 8.03 of WDC and there is no Quick Optimization option. @Bernard: Some defrag utilities do a form of optimization by placing all system files at the beginning of the C:\ drive; that is often called a Quick Optimization.
  4. And in the worse case scenario, the uninformed / untrained (?unwashed?) can always uninstall the program and then reinstall a correctly working copy. So what's not to like about having options? This isn't life and death after all.
  5. Kind of hard to imagine that there isn't a thread about this, but as I didn't see one... . I'd like the option of minimizing WDC to my System Tray in the same way that Wise Care can be minimized to the System Tray. It makes regular using of the program that much easier. Thanks in advance for listening. Regards, BearPup
  6. Hello "Staff", Downloaded and installed the latest version and that seems to have taken care of the problem. Thank you. Regards, BearPup
  7. I have Wise Care 365 Pro version 2.84.226 on a Win 7, SP1 machine (8 GB RAM, Quad Core, 64 Bit architecture). When I first installed it, it would run at startup, and clicking the close icon at the top right-hand corner "closed" the application to the System Tray were it ran silently. Today I noticed that it wasn't running at Windows Startup (verified that option is checked in the Settings Menu), and closing the application completely closed the program, it was not found in the System Tray and had to be re-started manually from the Start Menu. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Regards, BearPup
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