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  1. Hello From Jetsearh I deleted some of the lists that were searched by * .xls * by going directly to the folder. After that, when you refresh the list, the deleted list still exists. Jetsearch has disabled bare-bones A call to an os function failed will be displayed and will not proceed. Is there a way to keep my deleted files out of the list? Leave your Wisecare questions below. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jetsearch was deleted and reinstalled according to the suggested method. I ran Jetsearch with administrator privileges. I tried both methods, but the results were the same The file exists in Jetsearch and the message appears the same when deleting. I am using windows10. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wisecleaner 2019-04-02 20:31:21 Hi, Please try this way, uninstall Wise JetSearch then reinstall it. Did Wise Jetsearch cannot delete one file, or it cannot delete any file? Wise JetSearch doesnot have enough permission to delete some file. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2019-04-02 18:03:43 If you try to delete the list using Jetsearch, a message to the call to an os function failed is output. I tried rebooting and refreshing
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