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  1. Happy Easter all, For your consideration: may we have a Pause button, stops showing reminders until said Pause button has been unpaused. Problem: I have a screen recorder app that I use to record videos, and when a Wise Reminder comes up, I have to stop, start over, and rerecord my video. Yes, I make every attempt to change the time of day so this is avoided, but as you might imagine, that is sort of a pain, and sometimes you miss one. And afterwards you have to change them all back later! Thank you for reading this.
  2. Noticed today that when a reminder pops up, there is no longer the option to delay it as it used to do. Coincidentally, there is a message at the top of that reminder and all others since this morning "You have missed some reminders". Is there an easy fix for that, or would it be best to backup my reminders, kill the program, start all over and restore the reminders file?
  3. Title kind of says it all. I ask this because sometimes I don't remember if I made an entry for "this" (whatever it was) and so I go looking in the list. But I use it often, so there are many to choose from. I see that Reminders are listed in the order they were typed in. Can you add a sort function by date of the reminder?
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