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  1. Dear Admin, I thought that the mistakes I mentioned above will be corrected in the newly created version (5.1.4) and so that I will be able to celebrate the WiseCare developer. But unfortunately, this has not happened and it seems that it will not happen anymore, because: The WiseCare developer thinks as follows: "The vast majority of people (and therefore computer users) have low intelligence levels; therefore they can not understand the irrationalities they meet and do not care about them. Here, I am targeting this user population. The criticism and complaints of users outside this
  2. Dear Admin, If you have not received any training in the English language so far and you are trying to write and understand it using only "Google Translate", that's the result: You often misunderstand, and you think someone else misunderstood you. For example, I misunderstood you and thought that you want to say like as: "You are the only person who complains about not being able to close the weather reporting, that means other users can close it when they want" In fact I did the above complaints to warn developers about the more reliable, better quality and therefore widespread
  3. Dear Admin, I guess you do not understand well what I wrote above, because my English is insufficient. In your response, you wrote "Other user may want to turn the weather off". Well, how will the users be able to turn the weather off? As I mentioned above, there are two options on the "Boot Booster" tab: - The first option is selected by default. That is, if the user does nothing, he/she will automatically receive the local weather report; - If the user makes a choice, that is, if the user chooses a country-city, he/she will again receive a weather report, but this
  4. Dear Admin, First of all, thank you for responding to my post with maturity. I did not think I could write a second post on this forum with the same identity; So, I am both surprised and delighted to hear from you that the unpleasant problem will be corrected. Meanwhile, another important oddity that I forgot to write yesterday is: When you click the "Settings > Boot Booster" tab, two options appear: "Get weather information by detecting location automatically" and "Use the following location to get weather information". But it is strange that there is no such a third op
  5. A suggestion to add an important option: Hi Developer, The option "Check for newsletter while loading application", which is selected by default in the "Settings > General" tab, can no longer be canceled in the last few versions. (If you close and then reopen the "Settings" window after you uncheck the box of this option, the same box will start to appear selected again.) So as a result, users who do not want WiseCare to connect to the internet are trying to be deceived by developer... Therefore, I suggest you add a new option to WiseCare so that you can compensate
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