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  1. Well, shoot. Since no replies and the fact it does not seem to work well with Avira. I give up. I'm not going to change my AV product to get along. It's a shame. I like the interface. Maybe, will try again when its more mature.
  2. OK, so I finally got the engine to start and it D/L the signatures. One headache fixed. However, NO LIVE PROTECTION. I got your program from the Bitsdujour free giveaway of the day. The product was supposed to be already activated. I have an email receipt for it along with order number. So, my question is why won't it give me live protection? What is the next step? Please reply. I would really like to try it out. But, without live protection, it is crippled.
  3. I also have the same issue w engine failed to start. It appears to download. A black box comes up and flashes briefly. The program always has an error message about only partial protection. I tried the fix from above. The same thing happened. Still no engine. Can't find the log. I turned off Avira and commode firewall. Tried again. Nothing. Note! I downloaded from one of the free giveaways of the day websites. Supposed to be free for a year. I would love to try it as the price is more reasonable than that other popular malware bytes one. Would you please look at my log IF I can find it? Edit***TO BE CLEAR. THERE ARE NO LOG FILES! .
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