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    denk got a reaction from GalenPep in WiseForceDeleter feature requests, bug reports, updated translations   
    Worked on C:\TmpDelete from 3/19/2018 with 53 folders and 18 files.
    Failed on C:\Temp\lu10004gy1609.tmp
    Failed on C:\Temp\lu10004gy1609.tmp\lu10004gy160e.tmp  of 6/22/18, 3 days past
    Failed on C:\Temp\lu10004gy1609.tmp\lu10004gy1611.tmp  of 6/24/18, 1 day past
    Why failed? Windows said "This file is in use"
    Suggestion: Unlocker allows selections thru right-click menu. Add option to WFD.
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