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  1. As I said ,I ran each scan one @ a time,cleaning,copying all the hits and would wait 10 minutes before running,the next scan mode until I ran ,cleaned and copied exactly the same in each (with exact same settings) and doing so 3 times each.Restarted computer and repeated the 3 scans same as before,and again I got the exact same results,same hits same amount I,d appreciate any advice TY .
  2. I have WRC-9 PRO and I have a problem when I scan and clean with WRC.I noticed that each time I scanned using FAST mode the hits seemed to be the same to me,so I did the following..I restarted my comp. Opened WRC and ran the FAST scan,copied all hits and how many in each category and cleaned,waited 10 minutes (not using computer)I ran the DEEP scan doing the same as before,copy,clean etc. restarted comp. opened WRC then ran the CUSTOM scan and again doing the same, In each of the scan modes the options were exactly the same.I closed computer for 10 or so minutes.I then opened my computer,opened WRC-PRO I then did the exact same procedure once again and after this was completed I saw that again and again the results for each were exactly the same.
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