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  1. Set scheduler as you specified.
  2. 1. Checked the settings & they were same as what everyone recommended. 1. Didn't see the screenshot pic but the description explained it.
  3. I have 1 Windows 7 machine at home (i'll call it home) installed with Wisecare 365 Free running perfectly. I've tried to install it also on another, whose chief difference is that it is where I work as a Retired Volunteer & that it has a network domain (i'll call it net). When I install it on the net computer, neither the PC Checkup nor the Startup checking work automatically. I've tried exporting the registry settings from home PC & importing them to net pc. I've tried completely cleaning the net PC with Revo uninstaller which uninstalls all traces including the registry before completion of the uninstall process. Menu Settings look visually OK. I've corresponded with their support & either I've interpreted them wrong or there's something I'm missing about their suggestions: NOTHING has served to change the situation. Can any out there makwe some suggestions?
  4. I'm sorry, but I already had them checked without any results at all on the offending system. I've also inquired to the vendor via their support email; still with no result!
  5. 1. Settings say the the startup booster should be called on bootup, yet it doesn't happen, says not setup right. 2. Don't know where the settings are for daily PC Checkup but it doesn't happen. Both of these phenomena happen on 1 Windows 7 machine, (others work fine): I don't know how to set the settings or make it happen Dos anyone have any suggestions? :-(((
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