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  1. Hi April, ran it last night as per your instructions and all went well - it finished successfully. So, I'll just avoid the DOD setting. Thanks for your help.
  2. Yep will do - will run tonight after I've finished working - will let you know tomorrow Thanks.
  3. Windows 7 Ultimate X64 - 4GB - 1Tb/512Gb dual HDD - Avira Premium 2013 Antivirus (up to date) - all windows updates to date. I have used Reg and Disk cleaner apps for years - downloaded 365 (Free) yesterday. Disk Eraser showed 'found many recoverable files' as expected on both drives. Run eraser on 'DOD 5220.22 M 3 passes' over night. After 7 hours it was stuck on 1minute 22 seconds erasing (this did not move over time - Task Manager showed no activity including IOs over this time) - tried "STOP" button, but this did nothing. Had to kill process in task manager. Reran 365 and Disk Eraser still shows 'found many recoverable files'. So, in short - this is not working at all - locks up/crashes and does not remove the files in earlier passes (otherwise they would not be visible on rerun). All other software was halted - scheduled Virus Scan was cancelled to ensure no interference - computer was not touched for those 7 hours during failed run. FYI: Am interested in up grading to Pro - but need basic functions (free ones) to work before spending money on the Pro.
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