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  1. I've updated it and it is no different. CCleaner is still finding over 100% more cache than Wise, so I'm going to stick with CCleaner.
  2. That ran and here is the log: wdclog.txt
  3. Thanks for the below and work issues caused a delay in replying. Sadly, I have tried this three times now the last two times with every bit of security (including Windows Smart Screen) disabled. I get the error message in this screenshot:
  4. I did try that originally. But I have tried that again and it made no difference.
  5. Thanks. I did that and that files shows in my WDC as it does in your screen shot. It still finds almost no Firefox cache, as before, compared to CCleaner Slim.
  6. Here are two screenshots of cleaning I ran a few moments ago showing that Wise Disk Cleaner found about 12mb, CCleaner found 94mb. Both had exactly the same settings for what cache to remove. I don't allow remote access to my system I'm afraid.
  7. That suggestion defeats the object of this thread. EDIT: Just to humour the suggestion I installed Wise Care and lo and behold after running the Common Cleaner with the same settings, it found just 11mb of cleaning. CCleaner found a further 146mb.
  8. I've used both versions and WDC is still not cleaning even 30% of the cache selected in these past three weeks. I have tried a total clean uninstall, system restart, check folders, reinstall. Makes no difference.
  9. I have tested both cleaners again and these screen shots are after a very short period of surfing the net. The shortfall in WDC cleaning is very significant. Much more than your examples. I emphasise that this is a very recent discrepancy so clearly something has changed in WDC.
  10. In the last few weeks Wise DC has turned into a pile of rubbish. Despite settings having every single piece of internet cache set to be deleted (except only for saved form and passwords for Firefox) it is failing to delete 80% of Firefox and Opera cache. I now have to rely on CCleaner to do the job properly. My system: Win 10 64 bit laptop WDC Version installed
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