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  1. On 11/4/2016 at 3:14 PM, acharath said:

    I could not update my PC .when I click "check for updates" checking for updates box appears. but it remain so unendingly and do not install updates. I have tried many soliutions from the internet and failed. can you please help me?.

    this was the update problem during offering windows 10 for upgrade -> in the hole time the update process dont work for windows 7 and vista. but there are some manually updates to install and it works again


    1.  --> installed KB3020369

    2.  --> installed KB3042058


    3.  --> installed KB3125574 (Windows 7 SP1 Convenience Rollup 316 MB)


    after restart again and update-search i have the update

  2. On 3/22/2017 at 11:18 AM, Retrofan said:

    Heute früh dann der Schock Laufwerk ? hatte 132 GB frei. Alle Daten in den Verzeichnissen weg. Habe ich noch hoffnung meine daten irgendwie wiederzubekommen oder mit Software wiederzubeleben ?

    ... du hast laut deiner beschreibung auf laufwerk c\ 73 gb und auf d\ 75 gb festplatten-speicher.


    das geht doch garnicht, dass du 73 gb speicherplatz insgesamt auf der c-festplatte hast und nach deiner daten-verschiebe-aktion dann doppelt soviel speicher auf einmal vorhanden ist -> nämlich 132 gb.

  3. 3.) System bereinigen -> Allgemeine Bereinigung -> Dateien des Rechners -> Windows System:

    "Temp Files Created by Applications" => "Temp-Dateien erstellt durch Anwendungen" or "Temp-Dateien erstellt durch Programme"

    "Obsolete Windows Installer" => "Veraltete Windows Installer"


    3.1.) System bereinigen -> Allgemeine Bereinigung -> Spuren im Computer -> Spuren von Windows und Anwendungen:

    "Network Drive Mapping History" => "Netzlaufwerkszuordnungsliste" (perhaps find someone a better translation)

  4. 2.) PC-Checkup: the result bar below of wise-window... the translation is simply not translated in a good kind

    example: is there in english "files:" -> there is in german only "Dateien" -> not "gelöschte Dateien"


    Clean Record = "Reinigungsbilanz" => its ok or => "Reinigungsergebnis"

    Files: = "Gelöschte Dateien:" => "Dateien:" | Registry Error: = "Behobene Registrierungsfehler:" => "Registrierungsfehler:"  | Traces Counted: = "Gefundene Spuren:" => "Gezählte Spuren"

    Privacy records: = "Behobene Datenschutzprobleme:" => "Ergebnis Datenschutzprobleme:" | Tuneup count: = "Anzahl Optimierungen:" => its ok

  5. i have the battery problem too on my asus laptop.


    i have tryed all kind of tips, but not change the board or repair the powercircum or similar things... the last powerlevel was round about 75% - a good state to take out the battery and leave them anywhere. the next action was put it in the laptop after a while of time... and for a few seconds it tryes to load the battery and then abort and nothing


    in the end of the days i think the whole tips i read for battery rescue is bullshit - perhaps there only 2 reasons why the battery dont work


    1.) the battery is gone


    2.) the charge circum is gone

  6. the value for the minimum size to 1.5 times the RAM memory and the value for the maximum size to 3 times the RAM memory when enough space is left.


    if user used partitions on his HDD, then it helps on full operating system partition to transfer the Pagefile.sys to another Partition with enough space...


    if someone does not want to do it manually, he can use the following tool:





    with download of Microsoft-Fixit-tool (1 MB)

  7. i am experiencing slow system performance on windows 7. It shows me 58% CPU usage at average. Internet browsers are taking too much time to load and media devices also been hanging and taking time. Is disk cleaner is what i  need to use or not?



    i think i have the problem... are you able to get updates? have been updates installed in the last weeks?


    i have this problem on my windows 7 pc. if i let windows 7 searching for updates, my dualcore is in usage with round about 50 % but find no updates. the whole system is slow.


    i have set the updates-configuration from


    --> "Install updates automatically (recommended)"


    --> "Never check for updates (not recommended)"



    now with the "get windows 10 for free" from microsoft are the updateserver perhaps not available for windows 7 and with standard-settings of updatessearch in works constantly in the background and the cpu usage is quite high...



    after this your laptop should working with "normal" speed :)



    this settings can you everytime back to default if you wish or you can search for updates with manually click on "Locking for Updates"

  8. one time a has a errorcode, but in the times i tryed updateing, the search stay with no end.


    i take normaly "never check for updates" and started the updatesearch manually.


    but in this case i selected "check for updates but time to download and install set manually" --> with 60% CPU-Use




    what are sfc or sur tools? i have tryed microsofts "update fixit" but the same as with the update-process...


    (is it perhaps with the w10 upgrade-thing for w7-users?)

  9. hello,


    i have a fresh w7 pro 32 bit sp1 installed, but i cant have updates.


    i tryed Windows Update with

    --> "only for Windows"


    and after this


    --> "For Windows and other products from Microsoft Update"



    nothing works...


    i have tryed the microft update fixit but unsuccessful


    have anyone an idea or suggestions?



    ps: i have a mobile usb surfstick with slow speed (analog speed with only 5 kb/s at the time after reaching the data volume limit of 3 gb)


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