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  1. Hi LoneGeek, Portable version will create configuration files. WDC can clean most junk files which are created by system and applications. You can expand the cleaning items to view the details.
  2. Hi, Sorry, you cannot do it in current version. Wise Boot Booster display the weather info according to your IP address.
  3. Hi, If you want to display Russian interface, you need to change your system display language. In Traditional Chinese cannot display Russian correctly.
  4. Hi JP, Thank you for your feedback. It is a serious problem. Can you help us to test it? If you could, please download this file (It is not a installer, just an exe file), and recover the old one, run it. If the error appears again, the program will create a bug report file in the installation directory, please send this bug_report.txt file to us. THX. WisePluginManager.zip
  5. Hi, Please try following steps to solve your problem. 1, Open Control Panel----System and Security----Administrative Tools---Services, find out Windows Update and stop it. If you cannot stop it, turn to step 3. 2, Open C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore, remove all files and folders. Open C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download, remove all files. 3, Open C:\Windows\System32, find out the folder catroot2 and rename it to catroot2old 4, Reboot system 5, Open Control Panel----System and Security----Administrative Tools---Services, find out Windows Update and start it. 6, Open Control Panel---System and Security---Check for updates.
  6. Hi, Do you try to plug-in your external hard disk in another computer? Or, try to use another USB port of your computer, rear port is better.
  7. Hi, If the Event name is BlueScreen, please send this file to us. C:\Windows\Minidump\*.dmp
  8. Hi, Please describe more details about your problem, a screenshot of the error message is very useful.
  9. Hi, You can run Wise PC 1stAid, click the 12th icon "Internet Explorer stop responding" to solve your problem.
  10. Hi, If you could, please try to connect to another monitor to check whether the white line is gone. If yes, I think your monitor is broken, or you can change another connection line to try. If no, reinstall the video card driver, or plug out video card and clean dust then plug in video card..
  11. Hi, If you use IE to download files, please turn down the Internet Security level, or click Reset all zones to default level
  12. Hi, Please describe more details about your problem. A screenshot of the error message is very useful.
  13. Hi, Error '0X800CCC78' usually occurs due to incorrect Outgoing server authentication settings in Outlook. Check the account settings and change the authentication settings in Outlook as per your Internet Service Provider. Open Outlook---Click File---Info----Account settings---select your account and click on change---More settings---Outgoing Server. If the option “My outgoing server requires authentication” is checked, uncheck it or vice-versa and try to send the emails and check if it works fine.
  14. Hi, Please check following issues: 1, Just run a antivirus software, it doesn't means more is better. 2, When the system is slow down, please run the Task Manager, find out the process which use highest usage of CPU and Memory, then end them. 3, right click your C drive---Properties---Tools----Error-checking---Check now..., select Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors , click Start to check your disk. 4, You can run Wise Care 365 to optimize your system. PC Checkup, clean system junk files in schedule. System Tuneup---System optimizer, optimize your system. System Tuneup---Startup Manager, disable useless startup programs and services. System Tuneup---Context Menu, disable useless context menu.
  15. Hi, Please describe more details about your problem. If you could, please send us a thumbnail of the error message, it is very useful.
  16. Hi, 1,Please make sure the game support Windows 7 (32 bit) 2, Your PC meets the minimum configuration. 3, You have install all files that the game need.
  17. Hi, Sorry, I cannot understand you. Please check your words, there are some wrong words and Google Translate cannot identify them. If you could, please send us a thumbnail of your problems.
  18. Hi, Please check the name of the file. I don't know it. Or, please send me a thumbnail of the error message, I want to view the whole message.
  19. Hi Please check following options: 1, Does your computer meets the minimum running configuration of this program? (CPU / Memory / Hard disk / Graphic card / 64 or 32 bit ) 2, When you run the program, do you run other programs at the same time? 3, Does your antivirus software or firewall block the program? You can disable antivirus software and firewall to try. 4, Can you tell me the name of the program?
  20. Hi, If it cannot work, please send this file to us. C:\windows\minidump\*.dump
  21. Hi, Please add your physical memory to 1024 MB at least. Your problem will be solved.
  22. Hi, Can you send me a thumbnail of the error message? I need to view whole message.
  23. Hi, Can you send us a thumbnail, when you run IE to open Facebook? I want to view whole message.
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