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  1. HI,

    1, All Wise Tools are not bundled in Wise Care 365 except Wise memory optimizer, if wise care 365 bundle all tools, its installer will be very bigger.

        So, you need to download and install wise tools.

    2, Wise Tools' name cannot be translate to other language, but wise tools programs support multi-languages.

  2. Hi StefZZZ,

    Sorry to reply you late.

    If you do system restore by Wise care 365 or you don't have a system restore point, you can try following steps:

    E.g, Microsoft-Windows-MusicSamples

    1, Open C:\Users\Public\Music, right click Sample Music folder (if you don't have it, create a new folder and named Sample Music), click Restore previous versions


    2, Select an early point, click Restore.


    3, Click OK.

    4, Open  C:\Windows\winsxs\, find out this folder *_microsoft-windows-musicsamples_* and do same operation as Sample Music folder 

    Do you see, your sample music are restored.



     C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures




     C:\Users\Public\Videos\Sample Videos




     C:\Users\Public\Recorded TV\Sample Media


  3. I have a Windows 8.1 64-bit system and I have installed the latest version of your Wise Care 365. When I run 'Disk Eraser', I get a warning window telling me that "A serious mistake has been found in your partitions. Please check your partitions by some disk utilits first." I ran Windows disk check utility and it didn't find any error on the disks. This is a false alarm.


    By the way "utilits" is misspelled in this window.



    Hi saad,

    Sorry to reply you late.

    Actually, Windows disk check utility cannot check out disk partitions errors. 

    You need run some disk partitions tools, e.g Disk Genius...

  4. :D Sorry xilolee,


    (I'm not J.P. ;))

    When there are a lot of entries that an user wants to ignore, he is obliged to ignore them one by one.
    The user could ignore a full section, but better than this would be to choose the items to ignore (like ctrl + click in Windows), then ignore them in one click.

    It sounds like some users need this function, I will report it to our tech dept.



    Probably it is not necessary on WRC, BUT, IF I understood correctly, WRC is integrated into wise care 365.
    An user could prefer to not use the registry cleaner function, when using Wise care 365 - indeed the same behavior appears in IT!

    EDIT: I've just checked wise care 365 (2.92) and it seems that PC checkup is not fully optimizable (sigh...)

    It seems that user can custom full checkup items. Right? We will consider it.


    Thank you!

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