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  1. Can you upload the image - the system claims you to use 74 GB memory? I want to see the whole message.
  2. Which browser did you use? IE/Chrome/Firefox? Please don't open too much website at the same time.
  3. Thank you for your feedback. Could you tell me the name of the program that you use Wise Program Uninstaller and Iobit Uninstaller to uninstall?
  4. Did you use wise pc 1staid to fix it? When you double click it, can you open the program? Maybe you can try this, delete the icon, right click on chrome.exe, click Sent to Desktop (create shortcut)
  5. Thank you very much. We will test it. Any news I will let you know. By the way, we have two different Wise Data Recovery. One is original, used to recover deleted files. everyone can download it from our website Download Center. Another one is a special edition, used to recover the lost file which was caused by wise folder hider. You can download it from Here
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  7. First, please run the antivirus software to scan your system. Second, download and install the Windows system update readliness tool to fix the update error. If it doesn't work, please open this page to learn how to fix the error 80070005 : https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/968003 Or, you can restore the system to an early point.
  8. Cannot open browser (IE and Firefox)? Or, cannot open a website?
  9. There was not enough resource to run the program. You can add more physical memory. Or, open Task Manager, end useless processes.
  10. The user account images are saved in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\User Account Pictures\Default Pictures\ You can copy them from another Win 7 system.
  11. Please refer this topic to speed up your PC. http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/5269-how-to-speed-up-your-pc/
  12. @Freyvar Okay. We will do more test, so I want to confirm your Seagate Drive model is Seagate Expansion Desktop 3TB 3.5' USB3.0 STEB3000100 Right?
  13. @Star86 Wise Jetsearch requires administrative to privileges to index NTFS volumes, it will boost up the search speed. But, I will send your suggestion to the developer team, maybe they can improve it. Thank you!
  14. The CPU and physical memory are too low. If your IE has been installed many add-ons (tool bars, extensions), when you open IE, it will very slow. Two methods to speed up it. 1, upgrade the hardware 2, uninstall useless IE add-ons open IE -> Tools -> Manage add-ons, disable useless add-ons.
  15. Check your usb port, try the rear usb port.
  16. @Freyvar, I also want to know the reason. Can you use the Advanced Cleaner of wise disk cleaner to scan and clean your Seagate Drive E?
  17. You should installed many applications, and many of them are running on background when you start PC. Please refer this topic to speed up your PC. http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/5269-how-to-speed-up-your-pc/
  18. Method 1, install adobe flash player Open adobe.com to install it Method 2, disable this task Run wise care 365 -> System Optimizer -> Startup Manager, find adobe task, then turn it off.
  19. 1, Please check your Internet connection, whether it works well 2, You can try to reset IE to default settings. Open IE -> Tools -> Internet options -> Advanced, click Reset button, tick the option 'Delete personal settings', then click Reset 3, If step 2 cannot solve the problem, you can disable IE then Enable IE to try. Open Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows features on or off, deselect Internet Explorer 11, click OK to save settings, you will be asked to reboot system. When you restart PC, open Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows features on or off, tick Internet Explorer 11, click OK to save settings, you will be asked to reboot system again. 4, Open IE to check whether you can open a site
  20. Only this one? Please open the installation directory, then find its exe file, right click it, click Send to Desktop (create shortcut)
  21. You can refer this topic and try to retrieve the hidden data. http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/8-how-to-get-back-the-wfh-files/
  22. @Freyvar, Please download the following tool - wise disk cleaner, and open Advanced Cleaner tab to check whether it get your disk info. If not, please open %appdata%\Wise Disk Cleaner\ whether you can see the file - errorlog.txt, then send it to me. Thank you! http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=1905
  23. @Exfso, IE cookies isn't the default cleaning item, wisecleaner won't clean it, except you have tick it. We will check it, and improve it in next update. Thank you for your feedback.
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