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    MarthaBlina reacted to Rosika in Windows 10 and Web-Stick   
    Hello altogether,
    I´ve got a question regarding running Windows 10 with a web-stick as internet-connection.
    At present I´m using WIN 8.1 update, 64bit and I am very satisfied with it.
    The thing is that the time until July 29 poses a question to me. Till then the upgrade to WIN 10 is free of charge.
    So I have to think about whether to change over or keep my old system.
    As far as internet connection is concerned there might be a problem though.
    My internet connection is established via a web-stick exclusively (Aldi Web-Stick Model S 4012, manufacturer: HUAWEI E1550 HSDPA USB Stick).
    With this I´ve got a data-volume of 5 GB per month ("high-speed"; after that download speed will be reduced dramatically).
    So I have to manage with these conditions and up and until now I get along with it just fine.
    But with WIN 10 I´m probably bound to run into problems.
    The so-called forced updates are something that don´t appeal to me at all.
    There are always some of them under way and I see no possibility of avoiding the respective actions.
    Furthermore there´s quite a considerable amount of data transmitted from my computer towards Microsoft.
    The real problem is that I cannot set the connection of the web-stick as "metered". That´s only the case with
    WIFI-connections and Windows doesn´t recognize the web-stick as WIFI.
    It´s (some sort of) modem. Windows Explorer even lists it as a CD-drive, probably due to the fact that it has an in-built
    storage function.
    And if there´s a big upgrade there may be a download of up to 3 GB.
    So Windows draws an incredible amount of data without me having done anything productive with my system!
    The only way to avoid this would be to de-activate the respective update-service. But that wouldn´t be wise in the long run.
    My question now is:
    What do you think about this?
    Am I correct in suggesting that WIN 10 together with web-stick-based internet connection is a real no-go?
    If yes, then changing over to a Linux distro (probably Ubuntu) would be the better way for me.
    There I´ve got more and better ways of deciding whether to update, when to update and which updates to install.
    Many thanks in advance for your opinion and/or suggestions.
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    MarthaBlina reacted to Config in WiseGameBooster feature requests, bug reports, updated translations   
    Would you please help us improve Wise Game Booster?
    The imformation shared from a real gamer helps a lot for the software!
    We are now collecting original exe file names of games to further improve Wise Game Booster.
    How to:
    1. Find the shortcut icon of your game and right-click it.
    2. Click "Properties" in the context menu.
    3. Find "Target", copy the highlighted part (as in the 1st pic attached) and send it to us.
    You can either paste it here or send via email.
    The names in the 2nd attached pic are examples.
    The more names you can provide, the better you can help improve Wise Game Booster!
    Thank you in advance!
    Wise Game Booster, empowered with your valuable info, will further help your games back!

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    MarthaBlina reacted to S Malik in An option to send found junk files to Recycle Bin!   
    I think there should be an option to send the found junk files to the Recycle Bin.
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