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  1. Hi vag32. :-)


    I'm not sure to have understood you (maybe yes, maybe not).

    You can find blocked or allowed applications by WiseCare365 "Real-time System Protection" in config_tray.ini, under [APPFILTER].

    I'm using the portable version and I have that file in Wise Care 365 portable folder.

    I think if you're using wise care 365 installed version, that file could be in its installation folder.


    Example ( allowed have =1 at the end):



    I'm now using only the portable version without Real Time Protection enabled. Until the moment, everything is fine.

  2. Hi,
    My Windows 7 is encrypted with VeraCrypt, but I think because of real time protection may have affected an encrypted partition.
    Well, I had to perform a restore and this partition would not open without the Wise installed received a message that is "System Event Notification Service" can not be started.
    Does "real time protection" function could be affected? Anyway it came only happen when installed Wise Care.


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