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  1. I'm using only freeware Wise Registry Cleaner. Are you suggesting installing another of your programs which has the same feature that i wrote about? To avoid misunderstanding i was referring to degramentation module that compress the registry rather than deleting orphanus entries. I also run checkdisc on my computer as you promted but no errors were found. I have Avira antivirus and ZoneAlarm firewall installed as far as security software is concerned. Disabling them didn't help. I also reinstalled Wise Reg Cleanrer to no avail. Will be glad for any ohter thoughts on the matter.
  2. I can't use Defragmentation option while using Wisecleaner. After clicking on Analyse button i receive information about the degree of registry degragmentation but after clicking on Defrag button i see the following message : "An error occurs: Failure to restore". My computer screen dosen't turn grey as it used while performing degramentation Instead, my computer reboots but after that there is no change or sign that the defragmentation took place. Any idea why it happens?. I didn't have such a problem before. Thanks for any reply.
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