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  1. If all options here are selected, and then Advanced Cleaner scans and cleans everything, the next time I start my computer, Windows 10 doesn't boot properly, I don't remember if it actually boots to desktop or not, but after that Windows 10 becomes unusable and even Restart doesn't fix it. It has to be completely reinstalled. I'm not sure if it just breaks the Modern parts like taskbar, start menu, notifications, volume control, etc. as they don't appear when you click them, but I also think it breaks Cortana, which is essential to the start menu's searching. I haven't gone in detail to test out every single option and which one affects Windows 10 like this, because it would take me more than a whole day of breaking and reinstalling Windows 10 just to find out which is it. I would like you to review this and fix it, because selecting all options can discover some extra 500 MB of files to delete, apparently not all of them are junk, since it breaks Windows 10. Please find a way to fix this.
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