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  1. long story short. recently had acct corruption. didnt have point restore saved nor any backups. reset the pc, lost WC365 folder. it was only few hours ago, i was able to restore program through a giveaway site. firstly, the program took almost a minute before it opened. then when it finally opened, it froze up and had to close it. for now, its stuck on uploading avatar...what could be the cause? it never behaved like this before


  2. doh i forgot about that..when i said problem solved, it wasnt exactly true..i just didnt want to deal with it at that time. but, no worries.  i really love wisecare 365. when i run scans, pc act more smoother..browsers open and react quicker. its number one program. :) not only the many features, but the upload your own image as banner.. nice touch as seen here



  3. ive just got it today. it replaces the previous wise products such as monitor, disk cleaner and registry cleaner. and so far I like it. the interface is very easy to understand..and even though I didn't request the portable version, I added the regular install mode onto the flash drive.

    but one problem, how to not allow program to create a restore point after slimming down?


  4. iam fairly new to wise cleaner. so i ran disk cleaner (advanced settings) and i thought one clean was enough. but tried out 2-3 more scans, revealed a lot of junk i didnt know i had as seen in these screenshots. would be nice to have option to clean entire junk accumelation 






    i love wise disk cleaner a lot. cleans up pc with ease. 

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