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  1. I have also lost visibility of my hidden folder after the last WFH update. I also have a Seagate drive over 2Tb and receive the "Can Not Get Disk Information" error when attempting to search with the WDR tool downloaded via the support links to recover lost hidden folders. No recovery tool mentioned in this thread has found my hidden folders, no errors are logged by tools or the drive. It appears as if the large Seagate drive is outside scope of WFH and WDR operation. I have a 4Tb USB 3 external Seagate "Backup Plus" (Model SRD0SD0, PN: 1DXAP4-500 4 Tb). I've attached the drive to a Win 8.1 PC as well as the Win 10 PC on which WFH was originally installed; both operating systems have identical issues with the hidden folders and WDR. I need to find those folders, please update WFH ASAP to remedy this issue. Edit 11/12/15: Belay that, the folders had been unhidden and moved. Just a communication gap on this side; apologies for the inconvenience.
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