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  1. wisecleaner_admin : Actually when I was buying your software I really close investigated your offer. Sorry. There was no such statement. Or maybe it was really well hidden. Unfortunatelly advertising page with Halloween Sale does not exist anymore, so I cant prove it. But I will remember next time when will think about buying any of your products. xilolee: Nope. It did not work:/ But many thanks for your help.
  2. Hello xilolee I follow your advice and I sent an email to wisecleaner Staff. Thanks for a nice idea. I will let you know if this worked.
  3. Hello guys. During last Halloween Sale I bought lifetime license for Wise Care 365. As it was stated on your website I was supposed to get free WFH Pro license. But I did not received it. I wrote 2 emails to you via contact page but you did not answered. For 2 weeks! An no - it did not went to Spam box. I dont have one:/ Can you help me? My order numer was: 3D5BVGA-AGLHEE
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