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  1. Mine looks just like your pic, UNticked. When I ran the Pro that first time I didn't tweak/tick/untick ANYthing, just left it on default, as it still is.
  2. ok a little web search suggested a Restart to get the Volume button back. this was the second restart since installing Pro. YES, it brought the button back. still no clue why this Pro messed with my tray icons.
  3. I've used the free version without this problem, but the Pro v3.8.6, using default optimize/clean.. after a restart almost all of my Win7 tray notification icons were missing. I had to go into Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Notification Area Icons to get them back. And WORSE, my audio Volume icon is missing and GHOSTED in the icon chooser. First, did I run the Pro wrong? Second, how do I get the Volume icon back?
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